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An eDNA‐based assessment of Garra cambodgiensis (stonelapping minnow) distribution on a megadiverse river, the Mekong

Maslin Osathanunkul and Chatmongkon Suwannapoom
Ecology and Evolution 14 (2) (2024)

Glyptothorax irroratus, a new species of rheophilic catfish from the Mekong River drainage (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes: Sisoridae)

Heok Hee Ng and Maurice Kottelat
Journal of Natural History 57 (5-8) 358 (2023)

Review of the spotted lizard loaches, Pseudohomaloptera (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) with a re‐description of Pseudohomaloptera sexmaculata and description of a new species from Sumatra

Zachary S. Randall, Gabriel A. Somarriba, Sampan Tongnunui and Lawrence M. Page
Journal of Fish Biology 102 (1) 225 (2023)

A Current Update on the Distribution, Morphological Features, and Genetic Identity of the Southeast Asian Mahseers, Tor Species

Faizul Jaafar, Uthairat Na-Nakorn, Prapansak Srisapoome, et al.
Biology 10 (4) 286 (2021)

Understanding patterns of taxonomic diversity, functional diversity, and ecological drivers of fish fauna in the Mekong River

Chao Zhang, Ren Zhu, Xiaoyun Sui, Xueqing Li and Yifeng Chen
Global Ecology and Conservation 28 e01711 (2021)

eDNA metabarcoding as a promising conservation tool for monitoring fish diversity in a coastal wetland of the Pearl River Estuary compared to bottom trawling

Keshu Zou, Jianwei Chen, Huiting Ruan, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 702 134704 (2020)

Fish Community Responses to Human-Induced Stresses in the Lower Mekong Basin

Vanna Nuon, Sovan Lek, Peng Bun Ngor, Nam So and Gaël Grenouillet
Water 12 (12) 3522 (2020)

Unravelling taxonomic ambiguity of the Mastacembelidae in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) through DNA barcoding and morphological approaches

Thuy-Yen Duong, Liem Van Dung Tran, Ngoc-Tran Thi Nguyen, Jamsari Amirul Firdaus Jamaluddin and Mohd Nor Siti Azizah
Tropical Zoology 33 (2) (2020)

Mahseer (Tor spp.) fishes of the world: status, challenges and opportunities for conservation

Adrian C. Pinder, J. Robert Britton, Andrew J. Harrison, et al.
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 29 (2) 417 (2019)

Direct fishing and eDNA metabarcoding for biomonitoring during a 3-year survey significantly improves number of fish detected around a South East Asian reservoir

Benjamin Gillet, Maud Cottet, Thibault Destanque, et al.
PLOS ONE 13 (12) e0208592 (2018)

Fish catch and fishing practices in the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir and watershed (Lao PDR)

Maud Cottet and Theodorus A. M. Visser
Lakes & Reservoirs: Science, Policy and Management for Sustainable Use 22 (4) 334 (2017)