Themes of Hydroecology colloquia

The theme of the first Hydroecology colloquium, held in Paris in 1988, was draining of dammed reservoirs. Since then, the colloquia have been held every year.

The themes of the last colloquia have been:

  • Les milieux aquatiques sous surveillances (Clamart 2013) read more
  • La modélisation numérique des écosystèmes aquatiques continentaux et marins (Clamart 2012) read more
  • La restauration des milieux aquatiques et des zones humides (Aix-les-Bains 2011) read more
  • Changements globaux et Hydrosystème - Volet 3 : Le compartiment microbien (Clamart 2010) read more
  • Changements globaux et Hydrosystème - Volet 2 : Dérive des peuplements aquatiques (Bordeaux 2009) read more
  • Changements globaux et Hydrosystème - Volet 1 : Changement climatique (Clamart 2008) read more
  • Sediments in continental ecosystems: biology, ecotoxicity and management (Tours, 2007) read more
  • Biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems (Clamart, 2006) read more
  • Chemical pollutants in continental and marine waters (Nantes, 2005)
  • The 2003 heat spell – Characterization and impact on hydrosystems (Paris, 2004)
  • The European Water Directive (Strasbourg, 2003)
  • Water, environment and health (Paris, 2002)
  • Large-scaleLong-range and cumulative effects in hydrosystems (Chinon, 2001)
  • Environmental metrology (Paris, 2000)
  • Hydroecology in reservoirs (Grangent, 1999)
  • Hydroecological research and trends in regulations (Paris, 1998)
  • Radioecology: experiments, field studies and numeric modeling (Poitiers, 1997)
  • The hydrobiological impact of hydropeaking and research on the Petit-Saut-en-Guyane reservoir (Paris, 1996)
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